These services are necessary for nearly every business, and we recommend getting them now rather than later. We include free Florida mail forwarding in every order.Every anniversary date of your Florida company, you are required to file an annual report. Your company will get dissolved by the state if this is not done properly. The person filing the annual report gets their personal name, email, phone, address, IP and MAC address, and all their contact information listed on the permanent public records. 90 days before your annual report is due, we will send you a notice reminding you of the upcoming due date. 60 days before the annual report is due, we will automatically file your annual report and charge your card $100.00 plus state fees. You can cancel this service at any time with 1 click in your online account.If you wish your attorney to also be notified when you receive a lawsuit, you can list your attorney here. We won't bother them with regular mail we receive. We will scan the lawsuit and send both of you an email notification.If you're changing your registered agent to us, all the forms in your online account are pre-signed (if they need to be) and ready for you to complete and sign immediately after you pay. If you need help with the change of agent filing or would like us to do it for you, we will gladly assist! Thank you for changing! We think you'll be happy with our level of service.What is the entity type of the business? This could be LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietor, etc.The specific name of your company, including the business identifier (LLC, Inc., etc.)